How NW Bicester will be 'eco'

Carbon reduction

Recycling symbolThe development at NW Bicester is planned to be zero carbon.  This means that energy used in buildings on the eco development as a whole will be zero or below.  The first phase will generate energy on site through photovoltaic solar panels and through the use of a combined heat and power plant.  It is thought that the first phase will be the largest development of truly zero carbon homes anywhere.

Water efficiency

By using the very best water efficient appliances and by harvesting rainwater and recycling it, these homes will use only 80 litres per person per day as compared with a typical home where they use 150 litres per day.

Car club and transport

A car club "Commonwheels" is coming to Bicester. A four-car scheme at NW Bicester exemplar will kick start the club with potential for it to expand to other locations across the town. Car clubs provide people with flexible mobility insurance without all the costs and overheads of owning a car and are often ideal as a replacement for a second car.

Other transport changes are also aimed at helping residents to cut carbon emissions and reduce the traffic on minor roads:

  • a brand new 15 minute bus service
  • real time travel information in the homes
  • extensive cycle paths and walking routes
  • charge points for electric vehicles in every home


Environmental research with Oxford Brookes

At NW Bicester, the design team is working with Oxford Brookes University to examine how the weather in Bicester will look over the next 30, 50 and 80 years and how that will affect the environment we live in. They are looking at how they can design the homes to adapt to these new conditions, never be too hot or cold. They will then monitor the homes and see if they are behaving as expected. Eco Bicester is the most advanced large scale scheme in the country for adaptation research.

Environmentally sustainable construction

We are looking to reduce the embodied carbon impacts by 40 percent by carefully choosing building materials. Various choices of building material are still being developed and researched with the contractors and further information will provided in the Eco Bicester newsletter.

Local jobs

It is an ambition to use a lot of local labour, suppliers of products, trades people and service providers. A2Dominion will soon be launching a website to enable you to register interest.  If you would like to register your in the mean time please contact Bicester Job Club or at