The Eco Bicester project team is committed to enabling Bicester to achieve its full potential in terms of community, economy, transport, buildings and environmental sustainability. 

What are the achievements of Eco Bicester?

Eco Bicester has so far enabled:

How can I be part of Eco Bicester?

You can get involved with Eco Bicester by signing up for the Eco Bicester newsletter and joining a local group such as:

Who works on the Eco Bicester Project team?

The project team comprises of Cherwell District Council in collaboration with Oxfordshire County Council, Bicester Town Council. The project team is working with other organizations including Bicester Vision, Grass Roots Bicester the Environment Agency, Bio Regional and others with an interest in the town.

We aim to bring you the latest news on what is happening in Bicester, so that you can see the benefits to you and your local community.  We also want to promote Bicester as a great place to work with fantastic (and improving) transport links in the heart of England.

When did Eco Bicester begin?

The concept of Eco Bicester was developed in 2010 following the identification of NW Bicester as a location for eco development.  The aim is both to deliver new development to high eco standards and support improvements to the town so that it flourishes and gains from changes that are taking place.

How can I find out more?

Find out more by :

or by emailing the Eco Bicester Project Team