Green Office - focus on transport

This theme focuses on transport and trying to encourage businesses and their staff to travel sustainably to and from work, but also looking at whether the efficiency of company cars can be improved.

What are we doing?

As part of the Eco Bicester project we are working closely with Oxfordshire County Council to improve the walking, cycling and public transport infrastructure in Bicester to encourage behavioural change for people to travel sustainably or car share.

This will be achieved by

  • Supporting and delivering an innovative Cycle For Bicester scheme which offers Bicester residents FREE:
    • Bike fixes
    • Adult cycle training on three ability levels available
    • Free bike loan for up to 4 weeks

Bicester case study 

  • Providing a map of existing walking and cycling routes to help you find your way around the town.  The map will also help you to plan your journey by providing links to bus and rail routes.  A draft can be downloaded from our Eco Bicester website.
  • Improve facilities for pedestrians with better legibility and wayfinding to key facilities, by providing signage and improved crossing points. You can see the first set of new signage in between Bicester Village and Bicester Town Centre.
  • Improvements to walking and cycling routes throughout the town, through maintenance and improved links between paths. First major improvements following our walking/cycling audits can be seen in Bure Park by the Bure Farm pub.
  • Develop a series of joined up cycle paths to link residential areas with the town centre and key local facilities. Detailed work to improve walking and cycling links at Banbury Road / Buckingham Road roundabout.
  • Develop safe and secure cycle parking within the town centre and at key destinations. Future consultation on where cycle parking should be located is planned for June.
  • Support Oxfordshire Liftshare to reduce the need to travel by car and inefficient car use. More information on Oxfordshire Liftshare click here

Webmart Ltd, based in Bicester, has environment sustainability integrated into their business culture. Not only do they offset their carbon footprint, they try to reduce their environmental impact in the first place by:

  • Implementing a company car policy which has an upper emission limit of 170g/km for 2010, reducing 10g/km per year to an upper cap of 130g/km by 2014.
  • Encourage staff to share journeys wherever possible and have a proactive policy of bike use, including a cycle-to-work scheme.
  • Webmasters are required to use public transport as much as possible, choosing lower carbon mass-transit options over taxis and efficient new airlines over more polluting companies.
  • 18% of their carbon footprint is in their offices. They have changed providers of electricity to GREEN ENERGY who matches 100% of the electricity they supply with a supply from renewable power.

For more information on Webmart’s Environmental Focus please visit click here


  • Sign up to Oxfordshire Liftshare here or draw up a table to find out which areas of Bicester or Cherwell your staff live in and try a smaller version of Oxfordshire liftshare.
  • Encourage your staff to walk and cycle to work by downloading our walking and cycling map.
  • Research how to set up conference calls - they're a lot easier than you think and you'll save heaps of time in the car!

For more green office transport tips, visit the Act on transport page

Useful links

  • Download your free Green Office week schedule, posters and email signatures to help encourage your staff to be part of green office week -
  • Visit the travel pages on our Eco Bicester website to find your sustainable transport options here

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