Green Office - focus on purchasing

This theme focuses on purchasing and to encourage a review of purchasing habits by switching to sustainable office products.

What are we doing?

Cherwell District Council is committed to ensuring the goods, services and works it purchases are manufactured, delivered, used and disposed of in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, and deliver long term value for money for the Council and the public sector as a whole. That is why Cherwell District Council currently has a sustainable procurement strategy in place to help achieve the following objectives:

  • Reducing fossil fuel and overall energy use to minimise climate change
  • Reducing use of hazardous and harmful materials
  • Reducing waste
  • Giving preference to recycled products and part recycled products over recyclable and non-recycled products, where the required criteria for performance and cost effectiveness can be met
  • Minimise the use of products made from virgin natural materials
  • Helping to improve public health and quality of life
  • Helping to increase levels of employment, skills and equality in Cherwell
  • Helping to ensure fair pay and working conditions throughout our supply chain
  • Protecting and enhancing biodiversity

For more information on Cherwell District Council’s Procurement policy please click here

Bicester case study

The Eco Bicester project team supports A2 Dominion’s commitment to working with local suppliers and contractors during the construction of the NW Bicester eco development. From bricklayers and builders, to caterers and gardeners, housing provider A2Dominion wants to share the benefits of the first phase of growth with local businesses first and foremost. The Local Business Portal has been set up to invite local businesses to sign-up to their suppliers’ database, whenever opportunities arise to tender for work on the development, all suppliers and contractors registered on the database will be notified.

If you believe you may have a role to play in the creation of this new eco town, please register your details at or call 0800 977 4062.

Photo showing Sue Smith, Chief Executive of Cherwell District Council and Tony Baldry MP for North Oxfordshire at the Local Business Portal launch in April 2012


  • Organise a stationery amnesty day and pool together surplus stationery supplies. You will probably find you don't need to place so many orders for more stock! Coordinate your stationery orders with others in your company to reduce the number of deliveries.
  • Choose recycled paper and /or items sourced from sustainable sources when ordering your stationery.
  • When outsourcing printing, ask for the printing to be done on recycled paper, usually it doesn’t cost you any more to do so.
  • When choosing electrical products, choose items with energy star ratings which are more efficient and economical to run.

For more Green Office Week purchasing tips, visit the Act on purchasing page

Useful links

  • Download a free sample environmental policy and pass it on to your senior management here
  • Use to compare the energy efficiency of products before you purchase them -

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Are you implementing any of the Green Office suggestions in your office?  The Eco Bicester team are interested to find out how you are getting on.  All you have to do is click here and share you experiences with us.  Thanks!