Green Office - focus on innovation

This theme focuses on innovation and to encourage you and your staff to think outside the box and maybe have that frank discussion over how to make your office and business greener.

What are we doing?

Photo shows some of the young people at the Miller Road project

Cherwell District Council won a top innovation award for The Miller Road Young Person's Housing project in Banbury for the most innovative local authority project in the country, from the Local Government Chronicle. Cherwell District Council won because the project demonstrated the leading role a local authority can play in providing young people, not in employment, education or training, with new opportunities and skills in delivering affordable housing.  

The Miller Road project is delivered through a partnership between leading UK housing provider Sanctuary Group, Southwark Habitat for Humanity, Cherwell District Council, Oxford and Cherwell Valley College (OCVC) and Connexions.  Part funded by the Homes and Communities Agency, the £1.2 million development saw the construction of ten one bedroom maisonettes that were being built by a mix of skilled sub-contractors and 20 young people, aged 16 to 25, from the local community.

The young people who were interested and involved in the project have been offered the chance to apply for the homes they built, with remaining properties being offered through the council to local people who are committed to education, employment and training.

For more on the Miller Road project please visit


Bicester case study

Zeta Control Ltd based in Telford Road, Bicester is a privately owned company formed in 1989 as a spin out from Oxford University. In 2011 Zeta LED won the 2011 Ultra Efficient Lighting for Homes competition to produce an LED replacement for the 60w incandescent light bulb. Through the innovative design work LifeBulb® by Zeta is:

  • cheaper to run, just 13% of running cost of normal 60W Bulb
  • safer, as it has no mercury or harmful components
  • longer lasting with an estimated over 20 year life
  • extremely low energy consumption, with lower CO2 Emissions, and
  • recyclable – no impact on the environment

For more information on the LifeBulb® please visit


  • send out an office email to see if anyone is interested in becoming a green office champion to carry on the green activities you’ve implemented during Green Office Week
  • set up a green ideas scheme which encourages and rewards lean, green thinking in your company
  • invite local college students and artists to get creative with your office junk - make a bench for your diner or a stunning art piece for your reception
  • For more innovation tips, visit the Act on innovation page

If you’ve implemented any of the tips shown, please tell us about it and share your experience.

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