Green Office - focus on energy

This theme focuses on energy and trying to encourage businesses to install measures or implement simple changes to reduce energy consumption in their companies.

What are we doing?

Cherwell District Council’s Carbon Management Plan provides actions to reduce energy consumption to reduce our carbon emissions by 22% from 2009/10 emissions levels by March 2015. This will be achieved by installing renewable technologies to provide heat and power to the council’s buildings.

Last year Thorpe Lane depot in Banbury, which has an 84kWp solar PV system, expected to produce approximately 65000kWh of electricity providing £5,700 worth of electricity savings annually. Cherwell District Council has also decided to improve the efficiency of its sport centres.

Bicester case study

Bicester Leisure Centre has had a woodchip biomass boiler installed. It will present a low carbon solution with a great return on investment for Cherwell through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). The rate of interest is 11.6% with an 8.6 year payback. This will deliver an improvement of local services through sustainable development and 2000MWh of heat from clean renewable sources annually.


  • Make sure your heating and air conditioning systems are not competing with one another. Better still, switch them off, open the window and get some fresh air in.
  • Have you tried installing an energy monitor to help you manage your energy consumption as and when you use it? 
  • Enable the standby mode on printers and photocopiers; turn off machines at the end of every day - or put them on a 7-day timer switch so that you never forget.

For more green office energy reduction tips, visit the Act on Energy page

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