Bicester Green Deal - the story so far...

To mark the national launch of the Green Deal scheme early in 2013, Cherwell District Council offered 100 free assessments on a first-come-first-served basis to residents within the Bicester ring road.  By the end of April, all have been completed.

Fourteen of these households are having full Green Deal packages – worth several thousand pounds - installed free of charge!  In return, they agreed to act as demonstrators, showing the Green Deal work they had done in their homes to other residents.  On Saturday, 1 June a selection of them went on show to the public on our Energy Saving Open Homes day.


The first residents receive their FREE Green Deal assessment

Katy Gomarsall, 26, became the first resident to receive a special Green Deal assessment at the home she shares with partner Craig Smith (29), and seven-month-old daughter Penny, in Churchill Road.

Katy said: “My boiler has broken so this assessment came at just the right time to see what I can do. For someone like me who needs something doing to bring the costs down and doesn’t really know where to go, this really did help.

“The assessor was lovely; he explained everything to me and made me feel very comfortable. As well as discussing a new boiler, I was told there are energy schemes running with the council which can help. I would have checked with energy providers but it never would have crossed my mind to go to the council so it was quite handy to know I can go down another route.

“But it wasn’t just the boiler – he brought other ideas to mind which weren’t there before, such as solar panels. There were things I wouldn’t mind touching on in the future a little bit more. It was all very interesting and very helpful. I would definitely recommend it and it is definitely worth doing.”

The assessment takes about two hours to complete by an accredited Green Deal assessor, who will personalise each assessment based on the resident’s individual home and previous energy bills. Recommendations may include a new high-efficiency boiler, replacement windows, insulation or even rooftop solar panels.

The next phase - work continues on the upgrades

In May 2013, working with Green Deal Together and eight local installers, we started work on installing our energy saving upgrades in the 14 Bicester homes.  

On Saturday, 1 June 2013 six of these homes went on show to the public for a day, and nearly 80 people called in. Watch this space for more information about our Bicester Green Deal project, and what you can do to save energy in your own home.