Bicester’s walkable health routes

Three new five-kilometre routes for walkers, joggers and runners have been marked out in blue over the summer to give Bicester residents a new way to stay active. 

Health Routes, funded by NHS England, are another part of the Bicester Healthy New Town Programme, the three routes are:

  • South-East Bicester, around Langford Village with easy-access into green open spaces such as Langford Park, the community orchard and Jubilee Lake, and passes by Langford Primary School, local shops, and the community café on Peregrine Way. 
  • North East Bicester, from Skimmingdish Lane to just south of the railway line including Southwold and Glory Farm
  • West Bicester, linking Kings End and Highfields to Bure Park

Councillor Barry Wood, leader of Cherwell District Council, said: "The health routes offer residents a new place to exercise outdoors and make it easy for them to measure the distance they walk or run, encouraging them to build their fitness levels. Whether they like a gentle stroll or prefer to sprint, I would invite them to give it a go. This marked route is completely free to use and I am sure it will also bring opportunities for extra social activities as users can get together with friends or meet up with people along the way."

All the health routes are approximately five kilometres in length and are inclusive and accessible and lit by street lights, where possible. They are  designed with minimised steps to accommodate wheelchair users, people with pushchairs or those with walking aids. Completing a full five kilometres will go a long way towards getting the recommended level of daily exercise. 

Points to note:

  • Remember that you are responsible for your own safety (and that of any children, dogs etc with you) at all times. As the Health Routes go around residential areas, there are a number of road crossings: please take extra care here. Some sections may be slippery when wet (especially under trees).
  • The routes are circular, so although we suggest a start/finish point for each, and to go around in a clockwise direction, you may of course start wherever is most convenient, and go around anti-clockwise if you wish.
  • Routes have additional directional signage to help keep you on the right track – these are designed for those going around the route in a clockwise direction.

  • The routes are designed primarily for walkers/joggers. Some sections are suitable for cyclists also, but much of the route is on pavements or down pathways where cycling may be prohibited. Please therefore always give-way to pedestrians, be respectful, and either use the road as appropriate or be prepared to push your bike on some paths. We certainly encourage cycling as well as those on foot, as it's all great exercise and we love that you're outside enjoying Bicester.
  • Routes are almost entirely lit with streetlighting (there is a short section running along Jubilee Lake on the Langford Health Route which isn’t, however you may take the path just north of Avocet Way, opposite where the route comes out onto Peregrine Way which will re-join with the marked blue-line, which is lit and additionally, suitable for cyclists).  In most cases of road crossings, the line will take you around to a dropped curb so as to be accessible.
  • Remember that it isn't just about the health improvements you’ll enjoy: it’s a great opportunity to invite friends, family, neighbours along - meet them at one of the km markings along the route or the 'start' point and have a good catchup along the way. Above all, have fun discovering new places!